In the course of my Masters course on Mobile Applications last summer, Hannes Buchwald and Simon Schuster developed a time-tracking application ( that was used in a research project in Africa in cooperation with the University of Hohenheim. The idea was to find out what effect agricultural mechanization has on the daily schedule of African people. The app developed by the students was used in Africa to keep track of what the people do at what time and then use that information for further studies. For me it was also very interesting to work with people from the area of social and agricultural research. It was a pleasure to be able to help Prof. Regina Birner and Thomas Daum from the Social and Institutional Change in Agricultural Development department of the faculty of agricultural sciences at the University of Hohenheim. I am sure that the app helped them in their research project.

You can find more information on the project here:

Project PARI at the University of Hohenheim

HdM-News on Time Tracker App