My primary research interests currently are in innovative mobility concepts including: mobile applications, eXtended reality, accessibility, HCI, sensors and privacy in vehicles. Previously, (before joining the Stuttgart Media University as a Professor) I conducted research in the area of computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) and distributed systems. One outcome of this research was the Collaborative Editing Framework for XML (CEFX) which I released as Open Source framework on SourceForge (it can be found here.)

The CEFX framework has been improved and extended by a number of other contributors and was used for example in the mobilis research project of the University of Dresden where CEFX was ported to the Android platform. Mobilis is a service platform for collaborative social applications and can be found here.
Some of the results have been incorporated into applications like google docs and other real-time collaborative editors today.

Publications on my research can be found on the “Publications” page.

My research projects since joining the Stuttgart Media University in 2010 are as follows:

Funded Research

  • ARENA2036 – CARpulse – Research focusses on capsule based autonomous mobility. I lead the subproject XR based user centered development. Startet Feb. 2024, will end Dec. 2028
  • OxiFlexIT – Printed Medical Plaster for detection of circulation disturbance. BMBF funded project with 6 partners. Started June 2019, ends Mai 2022.
  • ARENA2036 – FlexCar. Developing mobility concepts for the future. BMBF funded project with 14 partners. Started Nov. 2018, ends Oct. 2023.
  • Development of a backend-system for mobile automotive apps (called ReADi-Connect) in cooperation and by order of Daimler AG
  • Performance analysis of HTML5 application frameworks for Infotainment Systems. In cooperation and by order of Volkswagen AG
  • Cloud- and Smartphone-Based Media Aggregation for In-Vehicle-Infotainment Systems. In cooperation and by order of Volkswagen AG (completed 2012)
  • Analysis of Multimodal Mobile Authentication Systems. In cooperation with iC Consult GmbH, sponsored by the Horst-Görtz Stiftung (German IT-Security Award, completed 2012)
  • Improving Media Management Algorithms for Infotainment Systems. In cooperation and by order of Volkswagen AG (completed in 2010)

Doctoral Theses

Together with Steve Love from the Glasgow School of Art and Sabiha Ghellal from the Stuttgart Media University, I supervise:

  • Tobias Schneider working on: The Impact of AI Transparency on the User Experience in Autonomous Driving through Multimodal Communication

Together with Chunbo Luo from the University of Exeter and Qi Wang from the UWS, I supervised:

  • Leonhard Menz working on: Smart Charging Solutions for BEVs (completed 2020)

The following PhD Students I supervised in cooperation with Qi Wang from the University of the West of Scotland (UWS), Christos Grecos from the Central Washington University, USA:

  • Daniel Thommes working on: RemoteUI – a new system and protocol realizing remote user interfaces over network connections (completed 2016)
  • Christiane Reinsch working on: Bridging the gap to car-to-X with smartphones – using smartphones to make cars brighter
  • Thomas Fankhauser working on: A pervasive, opportunistic and composable cloud architecture for mobile users (completed 2016)

Together with RMIT University, Melbourne I worked together with the following PhD Students:

  • Dominik Stampfl working on: Gameful Urban Mobility (completed 2016).
  • Sven Krome working on: AutoPlay – increasing enjoyability in autonomous vehicles of the future (completed 2017)

Master & Bachelor Theses

The following Master and Bachelor theses I supervised in the field of my research interests. You can find the complete list of theses supervised by me under the “Theses” category.