Autonomous Car

The A2A this year took place in a beautiful old-timer venue in Neu-Ulm about an hour drive from Stuttgart. The event was running under the topic Smart World. Thus, there were many presentations that did not necessarily had to do with cars but with how IoT and Smart-Home can be combined with mobility and what communication and software technologies will be used in the future, for example Eye-Tracking in the car presented by the start-up Blickshift, or low power, long range communication with LoRa, LTE-M or Sigfox. But of course there were also vehicles to see, like this autonomous driving car prototype from AKKA:

The Autonomous Smart Car from AKKA
The Autonomous Smart Car from AKKA

Or this autonomous driving bus from EvoBus:

The autonomous bus shown with people in front and some inside
The future autonomous bus from EvoBus. Really amazing and not far from now they will run in our cities

Or this little truck model that was showing off the new “Schüttkegel” app on the FleetBoard store, which was (by the way) developed by one of my Bachelor students, Pascal Weik. Really nice to see the app working:

Truck model and the Fleetboard tablet running the app developed by Pascal Weik as part of his Bachelors thesis
The Schüttkegel app (in the background) and the little truck model that showed how it works

And of course there were many amazing old-timers to look at. The HdM was also well represented and a former Mobile Media student was part of the team organizing the whole event: Jana Zeiser.

Picture of Jana Zeiser and me
Jana Zeiser and me in front of the Autonomous Smart Car

She is a very good example for what great career you can have, with a Mobile Media Bachelors degree. Congratulations Jana! See you again next year at the Apps 2 Automotive Conference!