Dresden Frauenkirche

Visit at the TU Dresden

July, 22nd 2010, I was invited to the Computer Science faculty, Lehrstuhl für Rechnernetze at the TU Dresden.

I met with Dr. Thomas Springer, Dr. Daniel Schuster, Dirk Hering and Istvan Koren. They are working on a mobile collaboration platform called Mobilis.

(MOBILIS – Eine Dienstplattform für kollaborative soziale Anwendungen).

One part of the platform is a collaborative map drawing application for Android mobile phones. Dirk Hering developed a prototype where he used the Collaborative Editing Framework for XML (CEFX) which I initially developed as part of my dissertation. CEFX is an open source framework and was further enhanced and extended by Michael Voigt from the FH Erlangen and Dirk Hering from the TU Dresden. You can retrieve it from SourceForge at http://cefx.sourceforge.net/.