Instant Translation – World Lens

Take a look at this interesting app. Cool stuff! Get it here for free: a title=Word Lens href= target=_blankWord Lens iTunes/a object classid=clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000 width=360 height=280 codebase=,0,40,0param name=allowFullScreen value=true /param name=allowscriptaccess value=always /param name=src value= /param name=allowfullscreen value=true /embed type=application/x-shockwave-flash width=360 height=280 src= allowscriptaccess=always allowfullscreen=true/embed/object

iPhone/iPad interface for diagnostic testing systems

Florian Bürger wrote his bachelor thesis on an approach to controlling a test and diagnostic system using an iPhone for applications in automotive engineering.
(German title: “Ansatz zur Steuerung eines Prüf- und Diagnosesystems auf Basis des iPhone zum Einsatz in der Fahrzeugtechnik”).
The thesis supervised by Oliver Kraus (CEO of Areus Engineering) and me.
Read more for the abstract of his thesis.

Gingerbread with new Web API’s

Take a look at this interesting Google presentation for a glimpse on the next generation of Web-Apps. The next version of Google’s Android is called Gingerbread and brings a number of new great features to the developer. But what about the standards? Will these features be integrated in HTML5?

The Potential of Individualized Travel Guides

Sonja Stein wrote her Bachelor Thesis on “Das Potenzial individualisierbarer Reiseführer” and had her final examination on 13.9.2010. She was supervised by Okke Schlüter and me. A very interesting work where she interviewed a number of publishing companies and analysed  how far new mobile devices can be a beneficial platform for them. Das Potenzial individualisierbarer Reiseführer …

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Mobile Publishing

Melinda Kaltenbach wrote her Bachelor Thesis on Mobile Publishing and had her final examination on 22.7.2010. She was supervised by Okke Schlüter and me.

Beautiful City of Dresden

Visit at the TU Dresden July, 22nd 2010, I was invited to the Computer Science faculty, Lehrstuhl für Rechnernetze at the TU Dresden. I met with Dr. Thomas Springer, Dr. Daniel Schuster, Dirk Hering and Istvan Koren. They are working on a mobile collaboration platform called Mobilis.

Apps 2 Automotive

Apps 2 Automotive will be held again in July 2011! Automotive & Spice Days 2010 tuesday, the 21st of June and on wednesday I took part in the A2A symposium which was part of this years Automotive & SPICE Days. After the opening address by Dr. Walter Rogg from the „Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart“, the first …

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Welcome to Ansgar’s blog

AR View in the autonomous shuttle

This blog is about auto- / mobile applications, car API’s, mobile devices, IoT, autonomous driving, app development and more. I use this blog to share information on my work, bachelor/master theses and student projects I have supervised at the Stuttgart Media University. You can also find job or bachelor/master thesis offers. Please enjoy reading!