At the MediaNight last Thursday the Students presented their work during the last semester.

Again it was a great evening and we saw so many fantastic projects! Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

This semester we worked mainly on projects for the future of transportation. In cooperation with the Reutlingen university and companies such as Brose, Daimler, Cellular and ZDF the students developed apps that allow you to be entertained while you wait for your autonomous taxi (ZDF Mediathek in the car), find the way to the pick-up location, play a quiz while you are walking (UX in autonomous vehicles) and let the vehicle automatically adapt to your mood by using on-device face recognition and machine learning (MoodMorph). Really impressive work!

But two of those projects try to solve real-world problems: Trying to prevent you from falling asleep while you are driving (Sleep Prevention) and finding a parking place for your car in the city.

In the project ParkSpot 2.0 we build upon a project from last semester, where we developed an app and a parking detector hardware. This time we worked in an international team with 5 courses of studies and three universities (Amsterdam, Ghent and Stuttgart). The result is a crowd-sourced parking detector and a community that allows you to share park spots.

We will continue with the project in the following semester and maybe the result this time will be a working product that you can use to track your park spots!

The Stuttgarter Zeitung wrote an article about this which you can read here (in German).

Have fun and hopefully see you at the next MediaNight!