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Schönaich, 18.9.2019: the first entrepreneur evening took place in the KAMAlogic office, organized by the city in cooperation with the local trade and commerce association. My team and I were invited to host the evening and give local entrepreneurs some new insights into the digital future. After some words from the mayor, Dr. Daniel Schamburek, on the plans on broadband internet, Boris Mayer (GHS) gave a motivating speech about how to use the internet for commerce by example on Amazon. Afterwards the company Heise RegioConcept gave an introduction to social marketing and state of the art webdesign.

As inspiration, we showed some contemporary digital solutions and explained their benefits before we started with a workshop on the different aspects of digitization, impacts for different branches and how we all can benefit from this. With over 20 local companies we were overwhelmed by the interest of the mainly craftsman. From plumber over mechanic, oven manufacturer to bike wheel producer and engineering startup – the variety of professions was impressive. So was the feedback we received, overwhelmingly positive. This was just the beginning of hopefully a successful series of workshops to bring digitization to the small and medium companies in our city. We are happy to help, but thanks goes to the organizers of this evening, mainly Susanne Häbe from the city of Schönaich as well as Boris Mayer from the local trade association. But not to forget, thanks to the help of my team – Dr. Daniel Thommes, Dr. Thomas Fankhauser, Manuel Wenner and Tobias Schneider – we had great insights and an inspiring evening. Thanks everyone!


In December 2019 we had a second workshop in Schönaich, this time we focussed on Social Media Marketing. Fortunately, Timothy Meixner and Johannes Ruof agreed to give a short introduction into the topic. But the best of it all was: every participant was given a free usb stick and free access to all their Udemy courses. Fantastic! Thanks very much Timothy and Johannes! You are the best!

What’s next?

Currently we are planing another workshop in March. The topics are creating a website and optimizing it for search engines (SEO). I look forward for another great event! See you there!