The standardized integration of mobile devices into vehicles is currently being developed. The Car Connectivity Consortium (formerly CE4A) specified the so called Terminal Mode to provide a simple and platform independent interface for connecting mobile devices with the car infotainment system. The Terminal Mode makes use of the VNC (RFB) protocol to transmit visual and control information between the device and the infotainment system. Currently VNC has some drawbacks as it was not originally designed for such a task. Patrick Fechter analyzed how VNC can be used on Android based embedded devices. He points out problems and concludes possible solutions.
Original title:
Analyse von Möglichkeiten zur Optimierung eines VNC Servers auf embedded Hardware unter Android in Bezug auf Performance und Usability

Bachelor thesis written by Patrick Fechter, September 2011.

Second supervisor: Dipl.Ing. Mark Beckmann, Volkswagen AG.