Designing a good user interface is a difficult and complex task. Designing user interfaces for car infotainment systems is especially difficult as the user should not be distracted by it and (in the best case) should be able to use it “blindly”.
This bachelor thesis discusses the process of creating a good user interface using the User Centred Design Process. Frieder Sönning evaluated a number of tools for prototyping the user interface and developed a prototype for a new innovative car infotainment HMI.

Original title:
Konzeption eines HMI-Prototypen auf Basis einer Tool Evaluation für Fahrzeuginfotainment-Systeme

Bachelor thesis written by Frieder Sönning, September 2011.

Second supervisor: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Karsten Kirchner, MBA, Gigatronik GmbH.