More and more People are using mobile applications in combination with additional cloud services to synchronize their personal data between several devices. Examples are the synchronization of contacts, tasks and the music library. Users collect different information from multiple sources. These information has to be merged together and synchronized between different devices like computer, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Because of this synchronized information the mobile devices are completely personalized. The car should become part of this network too. The project aggregation of multimedia data for infotainment systems includes different elaborations about possible concepts. This work focuses to the concepts of the mobile application for smartphones.

Original title:
Konzeption einer Mobilen Appikation für Medienaggregation in Infotainment Systemen

Bachelor thesis written by Markus Schleehauf, March 2012.

Second supervisor: Dipl.-Ing. Martin Krüger, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg