In our present society mobile devices are of great importance in everyday life. Generally speaking they are used in numerous fields, and in the automotive industry smartphones are becoming part of new developments. The combined use of smartphones and cars is very interesting, especially with regard to remote functions, which inform the user about the status of the car, and also allow him to access car control functions from his smartphone.
One of many different uses is the unlocking of a car with a mobile device, whereby the security requirements are especially important, as only an authorised person should be allowed to open the car. A concept is developed for this and many other applications, which leads to the production stage, so as to enable future implementation.
A second topic analysed is the connection of a smartphone to an infotainment system of a car. This type of connection is usually used with infotainment systems with a limited range of functions and no internet access. Using this concept the user is able to benefit from smartphone-services in the car and possibly internet services as well. Various approaches are described, in order to listen to internet radio in the car for example.

Original title:
Konzept zur sicheren Verbindung von Smartphone und Fahrzeug zur Bereitstellung fahrzeugbezogener Dienste

Bachelor thesis written by Anna Regner, March 2012.

Second supervisor: Dipl.-Ing. Arne Zörb, Audi AG, Ingolstadt